About Us

About Us

1.Company Introduction

MU-HUA COMPONENT CO., LTD. was founded in 2007. The headquarter is located in Zhonghe Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan (R.O.C.). MU-HUA started as an agent of Japan- JSF inductors in early days, in response to the market demand, later we increased the product line of RC,CAP, MOSFET, DIODE and other products, the application include Touch Panel, Power Industrial Control, AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) ,Automotive Electronics..etc for industrial application field.

The product line we agent are complete and very competitive, including resistor, capacitor, inductor, DIODE, MOSFET …etc, we expect to provide our customer total solution, to achieve the demands of one-stop shopping, for our customers would not waste too much time and would be able to handle all related matters efficiently.
We provide the products with RoHS compliant, lead-free standard . Since 2000, it has been committed to reduce the use of lead and launched a program to fully meet customer’s environmental protection requirements.

MU-HUA are not only specialized in electronic components sales, to accompany with our customer’s growth, We invested and founded the PCBA plant in 2013. In order to provide our customer the service of OEM and ODM so that to increase the total value of our company. We also obtained the international quality certificate of ISO9001:2015 & D-U-N-S® Certificate.
In recently years, MU-HUA are also devoted to promoting overseas market, we have work with TAITRA(Taiwan External Trade Development Council) for many years, currently our overseas market including Japan/Korea/India/Hong Kong..etc. We will keep continuing to expand our business to EU member market. MU-HUA company are based in Taiwan, expansion globally is also the commitment to our growing customers.


2.Business Philosophy

Our company holds the spirit of honesty, responsibility, efficiency, customer requirement satisfaction, and participation with heart is our company core value. Also, we are following the latest technology trend and continue to expand new product lines, with our rich product portfolio, we are able to assist customers to solve their supply problem of electronic component parts. MU-HUA actively establishes long-term cooperative relationships with our business partners, and take customer satisfaction as the primary, provide state-of-the-art technology and the fast and best service. We hope to create a win-win situation with our customers.


3.Corporate Vision

MU-HUA COMPONENT CO., LTD. will expand new product line continuously, we provide one- stop shopping by professional technology and excellent service. With MU-HUA internal team member hard working, we are dedicated to solving our clients requirements, we are able to handle the integration services for customers and make forward-looking preparations in terms of product market trends, to upgrade the customer satisfaction is our target, we look forward to turning into first-class enterprise with our cooperated partners.


4.Agent Brand

電容類(中高容) 三星電機 ◆ Products產品:中,高容值陶瓷積層電容
◆ Application應用領域:M/B、Notebook、LCD Monitor、Cellular Phone、Automotive
高分子固態電容 鈺邦科技 ◆ Products產品:高分子DIP,SMD鋁固態電容,晶片型固態電容, 超級電容…等
◆ Application應用領域: NB/PC、工業電腦、車用電子、IOT、Power Supply
高壓, High Q MLCC Johanson ◆ Products產品:高壓, High Q MLCC
◆ Application應用領域:M/B、Notebook、LCD Monitor、Cellular Phone、Automotive
高壓低容/全系列RLC 信昌電 ◆ Products產品:Resistor , 積層式高壓電容、空力線圈 ,Balun Transformer
◆ Application應用領域:Networks,Tablet PC, LCD/LED TV / Printer
電解電容 合美電機 ◆ Products產品:電解電容
◆ Application應用領域:Camera、LCD、LED、Monitor、MOUSE、Motherboard、Power Supply、DC FAN、Adapter、Industrial
金屬塑膠皮膜電容 法拉電子 ◆ Products產品:金屬塑膠皮膜電容
◆ Application應用領域:Power supply、Automotive、Notebook、Cellular Phone
安規Y電容 東電化 ◆ Products產品:安規Y電容
◆ Application應用領域:Camera、LCD、LED、Monitor、MOUSE、Motherboard、Power Supply、DC FAN、Adapter、Industrial
電容類(高容.高壓) 禾伸堂 ◆ Products產品:中,低容值陶瓷積層電容
◆ Application應用領域:M/B、Notebook、LCD Monitor、Automotive
SMD, DIP 電阻 天二 ◆ Products產品:LCD, LCM
◆ Application應用領域:Instrument、Automotive、Control Board、Power converter、LCD control board、 Cellular Phone, Medical
SMD,晶片電阻, 金屬合金版電阻 旺詮科技 ◆ Products產品:SMD,晶片電阻, 金屬合金版電阻
◆ Application應用領域:Automotive, Power, Energy, Computer, Mobile, Tablet
電感 奇力新 ◆ Products產品:電感
◆ Application應用領域:Automotive, Industrial, Server Data center, Comunication, Mobile & Tablet, Consumer, Computer/ Laptop
DIP 電阻 (CF, MO, MG, FUSE) 品真電工 ◆ Products產品:DIP 電阻 (CF, MO, MG, FUSE)
◆ Application應用領域:Power supply. Battery, Computer, Mobile, Tablet
Bridge.Low VF Schottky 竹懋 ◆ Products產品:Bridge.Low VF Schottky
◆ Application應用領域:Phone, Adapter, PC-POWER, DVD Player Supply, LED Lighting, LED TV.
Power Schottky 矽萊克 ◆ Products產品:Power Schottky
◆ Application應用領域: Industrial,Sever and Storage
Low Vf Schottky 達爾 ◆ Products產品:Low Vf Schottky
◆ Application應用領域:Automotive, Communications, Caomputer, Consumer, Embedded Systems, Industrial,Sever and Storage, Lighting, AC-DC Chargers and Adapters, Application Note.
車規TVS. Zener 林朋 ◆ Products產品:車規TVS. Zener
◆ Application應用領域:Computer, Electronic, Industrial, Consumer, Automotive
Low Mosfet 力士科技 ◆ Products產品:Low Mosfet
◆ Application應用領域:輕電車, 無刷馬達
Hight Mosfet, Low Mosfet 東沅科技 ◆ Products產品:Hight Mosfet, Low Mosfet
◆ Application應用領域:PC、Notebook、Switch/HUB、Server、Consumer IC、Graphics card、Navigation、EDR(Event Data Recorder)、Sensor、Cellular phone、Quick charger、UPS、Solar system
Hight Mosfet,Transistor 友順科技 ◆ Products產品:Hight Mosfet,Transistor